Cactus Power Center logo CPC Massing Sketch

Chandler, Arizona


Fulton Ranch is tailored to the vision of a unified series of distinctive neighborhoods, public spaces, and commercial uses that are interconnected physically and by design.  The master plan has accommodated for a variety of living styles, as well as diverse recreational opportunities.  Suite 6 collaborated with master planners PD/Saurey Associates to create a cohesive vernacular of common entry icons, pedestrian features, bridges, signage and lighting.  The ultimate goal was to give Fulton Ranch a unified architectural narrative, allowing it to carve out a recognizable mark in the greater southeast valley.


Retail components at Fulton Ranch create three distinct shopping destinations within the 520 acre master plan. Envisioned as unique identities, the centers have been designed under a diverse palette of materials and forms.  Site and building planning at each center create an overall village atmosphere, with identity elements, water features, and landscaped plazas to enhance the pedestrian experience.  Suite 6, in collaboration with retail project architects Butler Design Group, created the unique theme and palette for each center.  The timeless forms, materials and colors used in the projects have been selected for their ability to establish a high-end feel and to strengthen the connections to surrounding neighborhoods.   

  Cactus Power Center Aerial Rendering
  Fulton Ranch
  Fulton Ranch Character Sketches
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