Prasada Prasada Sketch

Surprise, Arizona


Three dimensional modeling and real-time animations have been used extensively by Suite 6 as the design precepts have evolved from simple imagery to building application.  These tools have allowed Suite 6 to demonstrate various design concepts and the tangible quality they can bring to Prasada.  In particular, animations have been crucial for exploring the use of solar art screens throughout the project.  The videos portray the movement of sunlight throughout the day and the resulting shadow patterns, supporting the intent to mimic nature’s interaction with the built environment.  In addition, animation has allowed Suite 6 to have substantive conversations with ownership and city officials regarding the scale and placement of crucial design items such as freeway oriented project signs.

  Prasada Shops 3d Rendering
  3D Target3D Petco
  Prasada 3D Best Buy
  Prasda 3D- The Sports Authority
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