Prasada Shops Sketch

Surprise, Arizona


Promoting the central theming concepts of serenity, movement  and refreshment, Suite 6 has encouraged an architecture that is a celebration of the natural forces which shape our environment.  A design vocabulary which can satisfy the  programmatic requirements of any tenant, while interpreting and responding to our unique and demanding natural environment.  Some of these responses are quite literal: like a tree, creating filtered shade panels down at a scale where people can use it; like bubbles in a glass of champagne, creating pattern and interest; like a canyon wall, revealing the layering and materials that were its creation.  Other details are more abstract:  leaf patterns, mosaic “cracked earth” pavements, and cascading tower forms.  The overall intent is not suggestive of a tried and true “style”, it strives for simplified geometry, sliding planes and massing with well composed textures. 

  Prasada Conceptual Elevations
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