Prasada Prasada Plan Detail

Surprise, Arizona


At the project level, Suite 6 has taken the broad marketing precepts of Prasada, and developed site plans that celebrate and reinforce the community’s unique image.  At Waddell West Power Center, a wave pattern was overlaid onto the typical power center parking field to arrange landscape islands and common trees in undulating cross-rows, mitigating the uniformity that these areas often produce.  At Cactus Power Center, the overriding geometries of the plan are generated from a central radius point, like ripples emanating from a droplet of water in a pond.  At Cactus, the central ring of shops continue this pattern which strengthens the sense of place and gives focus for the smaller in-line tenants. Hardscape patterns at each of the centers similarly introduce their geo-centric shapes on a smaller scale, like roadmaps of the larger idea.

  Prasada Conceptual Planning
  Prasada Master Plan
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